Tuesday, 19 August 2014

PA rolls out first CC on wheels

By Melody Zaccheus, The Sunday Times, 17 Aug 2014

Singapore's first Community Club (CC) on wheels was set in motion yesterday at Bedok Mall.

The roving vehicle, called the CC Xpress, will be making its rounds to different parts of Singapore, popping up in neighbourhood parks, town centres, common public spaces and private estates.

It will bring the People's Association's (PA) programmes, interest groups and courses - like balloon sculpting and gardening workshops such as those involving terrarium, a container which encloses a mini garden - closer to residents of both private and public estates.

Courses can be held on or outside the vehicle, which is smaller than a public bus.

"Our new CC Xpress will bring the best of our CCs to where our residents stay and make it easier for them to find out about our programmes and sign up for them," said PA chief executive director Ang Hak Seng.

Residents at the launch welcomed the initiative. Some said they usually head straight home after work and rarely step into these clubs.

Bedok North resident Tan Cheng See, 46, a financial planner, said: "The centre's activities are usually behind closed doors, so it's refreshing that the various programmes will be on showcase to the rest of the neighbourhood."

The PA said the aim is to reach out to 30,000 residents through more than 30 events by end-November. It plans to roll out another two such vehicles by the middle of next year.

Mr Ang said the CC Xpress will be useful to residents who may not have the time or chance to visit Community Clubs, and that it will reach out to senior citizens who have difficulty travelling.

He said: "We hope that more residents will take part in our activities, engage their minds and bodies and make more friends."

CC on wheels rolls out courses to over 8,000 residents
By Priscilla Goy, The Straits Times, 19 Sep 2014

FROM an HDB estate in Jurong to a condominium in Pasir Ris, a colourful vehicle has been going around to bring community activities closer to people.

It is called the CC Xpress - Singapore's first community club (CC) on wheels.

In the first month since its launch on Aug 16, it has rolled up at schools, town centres, public and private estates, and even the Tampines Bike Park, which closed on Monday.

It has brought the People's Association's (PA) interest groups and courses like laughter yoga closer to more than 8,000 residents through 12 events to date.

PA chief executive director Ang Hak Seng said: "The CC Xpress has truly transformed the concept of a community club.It has become a focal point of attraction... helping residents access CC courses at their doorsteps."

The PA also made a conscious effort to take the CC Xpress to private estates, which tend to be farther away from CCs.

Five of the 12 CC Xpress weekend events were held at condominiums. The activities, targeted at both the young and the old, are held on or outside the vehicle, which is smaller than a public bus.

Courses offered so far include Lego play, flower origami, and making terrariums or containers that enclose mini-gardens.

Retiree Tan Mong Kiau, 67, has started going to Buona Vista CC to make plastic flowers for origami class once a week, after she chanced upon the CC Xpress earlier this month, when it made a stop on the sidelines of a grassroots event.

"I didn't know that the CC offered such courses," she said.

Next Saturday, it will be "Next Stop, Yew Tee" for the CC Xpress, which will be parked at the open space near the MRT station there.

The PA aims to reach a total of 30,000 residents by end-November, and plans to roll out another two such vehicles by the middle of next year.

Madam Tan, who also went for a River Safari trip organised by the residents' committee in her area last Saturday, said: "I don't have to go looking for things to do now because there are so many programmes organised for us. I've made more friends and my life feels enriched."

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