Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Singapore Memory Project to preserve pioneers' stories

MR JASON Ingham ("Preserve accounts of pioneers"; last Tuesday) suggested having an online repository of the verbal and written accounts from the pioneer generation, to serve as a poignant reminder of their lives.

The Singapore Memory Project (SMP) is one such repository for us to preserve the thoughts and reflections of the pioneer generation.

It is a nationwide movement launched in August 2011 that aims to capture and document precious moments and memories related to Singapore.

These recollections are not limited to those from individual Singaporeans, but also organisations and groups.

The SMP has been engaging and reaching out to the pioneer generation to collect their stories and memories, and to showcase them.

A recent campaign, A Tribute To Our Pioneer Generation, ran from February to June and saw members of the pioneer generation sharing their experiences about Singapore's early years of independence, and other members of the public sharing their memories about loved ones who are pioneers.

Another good example is the Hands: Gift Of A Generation project, where more than 400 pioneers were interviewed and their memories captured in various formats, including video and text.

The SMP has also created an inter-generational dialogue platform for students from many schools to interview seniors citizens from all walks of life.

Examples of these stories can be seen at the Singapore Memory Portal

We welcome members of the pioneer generation and the public to continue to deposit their memories and stories (whether in the form of text, video files or images) on the Web portal.

The public can also submit their memories for the project by downloading the free SG Memory iPhone application from the iTunes app store.

We thank Mr Ingham for the opportunity to share more information on the SMP.

Gene Tan
Director, National Library
National Library Board
ST Forum, 18 Aug 2014

Preserve accounts of pioneers

WATCHING the National Day Parade last Saturday, I was amazed at how much effort went into featuring the lives and times of the average Singaporean family.

It was touching to see members of the pioneer generation being featured so prominently.

I would love for my son to grow up being proud of the nation of his birth and of being Singaporean.

I hope he has the opportunity to listen to the stories of the pioneer generation - stories that speak of their sacrifice, dedication, tenacity and single-mindedness towards making this nation thrive and become the envy of the world.

Hence, I wonder if we could create an online repository of the verbal and written accounts from members of this generation.

It can form an oral archive to serve as a poignant reminder of the ordinary lives of the pioneer generation and the difficulties that needed to be overcome.

History will always remember our leaders but their plans were enacted through individuals. It would be good to preserve their thoughts and reflections before it is too late.

Jason Ingham
ST Forum, 12 Aug 2014

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