Sunday 25 October 2015

Purple power: NSEWL train decked out in name of inclusiveness

The train's theme is inspired by the Purple Parade movement, a ground-up initiative to support the less able-bodied in society.
By Dawn Karen Tan, Channel NewsAsia, 23 Oct 2015

The Ministry of Transport has raised S$1.5 million for the Community Chest through its Family Charity outreach programme. Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo was at Ang Mo Kio MRT Station on Friday (Oct 23) to present the cheque to the beneficiaries from Kids in Play and SPD.

Beneficiaries then got the chance to hitch a ride on a special purple train. The North-South East-West line train's theme is inspired by the Purple Parade movement, a ground-up initiative to support the less able-bodied in society.

Almost everything on the train has been kitted out in purple. There are purple carpets, handrails adorned with purple baubles and even the vents are purple.

It is not the first time the Land Transport Authority (LTA) has decked out a train with a special theme. LTA introduced the concept as part of a series of social initiatives in June last year to support a positive commuter culture.


At the end of the ride is an 80 square metre wall mural celebrating the richness and diversity of Singapore and Singaporeans.

"Celebrate the abilities of people with special needs in our country - not only to look at their disabilities, what they cannot do, many of us cannot do everything - but really to look at their abilities, not just to accept them, but value them and celebrate them," said Member of Parliament Denise Phua, Mayor of the Central Singapore District.

The vibrant mural, called the Singapore Tapestry is an SG50 gift from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to Singapore, the mural, made of a series of oven-fired clay tiles, will be permanently displayed at Marina South Pier Station. It is a composite of artwork by nearly 1,500 participants.

Over six months, people from different walks of life were invited to make clay representations of what they see as the Singapore story.

Said Ms Delia Pravcki, lead artist for the Singapore Tapestry: "My desire from the beginning, talking to participants was, please be sincere, be spontaneous, be genuine, (and) feel free expressing your love."

Participants found inspiration in everything from birds to trees to the Singapore Flag. Some also imagined a future Singapore with driverless cars. 

Channel NewsAsia too, contributed to the installation with a painting of the Singapore house lizard, the "chichak" as it symbolises growth, renewal and rebirth.

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