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Our Retirement Journey - Let’s Think About It

Let’s Think About It: Our Retirement Journey
27 Aug 2015

Should there by a retirement age or a range of retirement ages? Is a comfortable retirement possible?

What's the rule of thumb for retirement saving? Watch “Let’s Think About It” Gurmit Singh, Gerard Ee, Henry Tay and Stephanie Phua will share views and stories with Minister Chan Chun Sing on their retirement plans and journey.

What would you like your children to be when they grow up? A CEO, a talented athlete, or a famous actress?Watch “Let’s...
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  1. What an interesting show with so many candid and comprehensive thoughts shared. All of them shared many meaning facts and many good suggestion was voiced out. A good debate session!

  2. Retirement is a good topic to touch on, it's good that they are discussing about this.Also thanks for putting in the effort to produce this talk show and it's a fruitful and informative discussion.

  3. Melissa pointed out that there is lower group, middle group and higher group and the fact that middle group might be neglected and also need help. It’s an awesome pointer as I believe majority of us belongs to the middle group class but some of us are actually still struggling and needed help. Not only the lower group needs help but some of our middle group people also need help. Glad that this was pointed out in the show and was addressed on. It’s truly a great show that takes care of every sector of the people in the country. Good!

  4. Sharing a point by Minister Chan Chun Sing after watching the show, we need more option for elderly care. I agree that sometimes is not money or children by side can solve their problem. But is more of the skill set they acquire or the emotion handling. We need to strengthen our social infrastructure, taking care of other areas but not only providing them financial help.

  5. Best gift that can be given to people who need help the most, is not just about providing $$, but also to help them stand tall and independent and give them the dignity & pride while receiving help, so they can contribute back to society meaningfully too. Very meaningful and i think everyone should have this mindset as well. Very important that each individual has positive mindset.

  6. An interesting fact share by Minister Chan Chun Sing, average age when people start working is 20-25 years old, and you probably work about 40 years which by then you will be about 60-65 when you retire. If average life span is about 80-85 years old then you will enjoy life for about 20+ years. Which means we need to start saving 1/3 of our pay from the 1st day we start working. I think is quite true, I'm 64 years old this year and I have just retire. I don't belong to the very rich group just an ordinary person with average income, but saving is important when you start working. I started saving when I start working and here I am now able to retire right now. It's sometimes really base on self-discipline. I think Minister made a very good and realistic point.