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Our Population Predicament - Let’s Think About It

Let’s Think About It – Our Population Predicament
20 Aug 2015

Is there work-life balance? Where have all the Prince Charmings gone?

Watch “Let’s Think About It”. Eelyn Kok, Violet Lim, Dr. Mathew Mathews, Ong Ye Kung and Jeff Cheong will share views and stories with Minister Grace Fu on Singapore’s population predicament.

Should there by a retirement age or a range of retirement ages? Is a comfortable retirement possible? What's the rule of...
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  1. Getting into marriage life or parenthood is an individual decision. As what had been mentioned in the show, there will definitely be a change in lifestyle. Aside from the increased family responsibilities, as an employee, most might face the problem of having to work extra to ensure that their families are well-supported. Hence, a fundamental problem facing growing numbers of individuals is how to balance their growing work and non-work demands which in turn bounce down to individual as well as the support their workplace and government is giving. It’s quite a good topic discussed on.

  2. Quite a good platform to allow us to hear from the government and the speakers have actually spoke up some of our thoughts on behalf of us. Not a bad show! I think is quite interesting

  3. I have finish watching the show and I felt It was really worth watching, I have gain many insights on this issues and is definitely worth to be discuss further on. Not Bad! Keep it up! Minister Grace Fu has also share many constructive views and is so nice of her to listen and are open to take in suggestion from the speakers.

  4. It's indeed not a govt problem that a good policy can solve. It melts down to individual decision. Govt can only help that much to encourage, remind and create a supportive environment. But the decision factor still lies on people’s norm, culture, practices, believes, etc, that requires time to evolve. Good and constructive show!

  5. It's good to see government addressing this issues, now so many people are discussing about this having babies problem and so many married couple nowadays have the mindset of having children later when their career is much more stable or even not having children at all because they wanna focus on their career. This is quite a major issue in Singapore as our population will decline and in turn affects us economically. Good show and Minister Grace Fu has share very constructive thoughts with us. All the speakers has voice out comprehensive views on this issue as well. Quite a informative show!

  6. I grew up in single-parent family and I understand how tough it is for a single-parent family regardless of the child or parent in terms of psychologically or economically. I’m really glad that this issue is addressed in the show and hearing that the government is actually thinking of other ways to show support to single-parent families.

  7. Personally i find it hard to settle down when we are living in such a fast paced society. But after hearing the discussion today, i felt the importance of starting a family whilst i can. I cannot imagine an inverted society pyramid 10 years down the road where we only have a small group of young population to take care of a wide base of mature population.

  8. There are an increase in single-parent family. It’s good to hear that the government understands that these families are going through a tough time and are thinking of schemes to extend their support to them. If it was not because of this show, we might not know that the government are actually thinking of ways to support them. I think this is seriously a good platform for us to sort of interact with the government.