Wednesday, 29 July 2015

No to fliers? Let small firms make a living

Mr Lim Fah Kiong suggested that advertisers be allowed to promote their products on a noticeboard near the letterbox area in void decks ("Have void deck noticeboards for advertisers"; last Tuesday).

Should such a noticeboard be accessible to all? Who is responsible when it is cluttered with old advertisements? Should it be under the care of a town council, whose staff will duly clear it?

The reason people put fliers on our doors and gates is that it is too expensive to advertise their products or services in newspapers or on TV.

They also have no access to the letterboxes, unlike bigger companies that engage SingPost to do the job, for a charge.

Is it so difficult to bend over, pick up a flier on your doorstep, and keep or dump it accordingly?

It is tough running a small business in Singapore. Let us help our fellow men make a humble and honest living in whatever ways we can.

Daniel Chan Wai Piew
ST Forum, 28 Jul 2015

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