Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Besides being anti-PAP, why are opposition parties running?

The question the opposition parties must ask themselves is: Why are they contesting? Is it because they are for Singapore or because they are against the People’s Action Party? (“Opposition talks on poll areas likely to be complex”; July 28)

Here, we examine each party’s beliefs. For example, the Workers’ Party probably has different ideas from the Singapore Democratic Party about what the Republic should be like.

From the WP’s viewpoint of national interest, is it then better to have a SDP candidate elected rather than a PAP one? Are numbers so important as to erode the importance of beliefs? If not, then it behoves the WP not to make way.

Second, it is easy enough to make motherhood statements and play up the oratory of criticising the Government. But do the parties have the wherewithal to run constituencies efficiently?

The WP has found that governing is a daily, laborious and unglamorous drudge.

Can some of the other parties run a constituency? If not, then is it in residents’ interest to suffer so the parties can play their numbers game?

One feature of some parties is the flip-flopping of the leaders from one party to another.

We are entitled to ask what their core beliefs are. Is there anything aside from anti-PAPism and opportunism?

Eugene Tan Y.S.
TODAY Voices, 29 Jul 2015

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