Friday 20 March 2015

P-Max – WDA’s Enhanced Place-and-Train Programme for SMEs

Boost for scheme to draw professionals into SMEs
By Lim Yi Han, The Straits Times, 19 Mar 2015

A SCHEME to draw more professionals into small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will get a boost from the authorities.

More modules will be added to the Workforce Development Agency's P-Max programme - formerly known as Max Talent - to help professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) who are unemployed or looking to switch careers make a better transition into SMEs.

Supervisors from SMEs will also be able to sign up for a workshop to improve human resource practices and learn communication skills.

The changes will benefit companies and also help PMEs excel in SMEs, said Manpower Minister Tan Chuan-Jin yesterday at the launch of the enhanced initiative. "The intent really is to help support our PMEs in their effort to continue to improve themselves," he said. "For those who may be finding difficulty seeking employment, we help place them and equip them with... skills."

P-Max aims to train and place more than 3,000 PMEs in SMEs by end-2017. Mr Kurt Wee, president of the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, said: "P-Max is much stronger in its programme offerings as it gets SMEs on board to adopt progressive HR practices. This is crucial to retain workers."

For professionals, such a course will help them to adapt to a new work environment.

Account executive Gerald Chan, 32, attended the Max Talent programme in 2012. The former police officer joined interior furnishings firm Goodrich Global that year, but found the high sales targets daunting. He said: "It sounded like a big amount... but I learnt how to set progressive goals and break down the target. It's actually achievable."

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