Wednesday, 20 March 2013

CCTVs to keep eye on illegal parking

Trial scheme to be expanded to 30 roads by end of next year
By Royston Sim, The Straits Times, 19 Mar 2013

MORE closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras will be installed islandwide to put the brakes on illegal parking.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will set up the cameras at 30 locations islandwide by the end of next year. Yesterday, it called two tenders seeking contractors to install and operate the cameras.

In a statement yesterday, the LTA said this was part of an ongoing effort to use technology such as enforcement camera systems to improve traffic flow and optimise resources for parking enforcement.

Expanding the use of CCTV cameras follows a successful trial at two locations - along Beach Road in front of Golden Mile Complex, and at Marine Parade Central in front of Parkway Parade.

An LTA spokesman said the cameras are able to detect illegal parking more effectively compared to traffic wardens on site. Signs at both locations also raised motorists' awareness about the cameras.

She said: "Overall, traffic conditions at the two locations have improved, especially along Beach Road, as tour bus companies operating at Golden Mile Complex no longer park their buses along this stretch of the road to wait for boarding passengers."

The LTA started to test the use of cameras in the two areas early last year. The cameras film vehicles 24 hours daily, and snapshots of illegal parking offenders can be extracted from the footage. The film is monitored by a contractor, which submits reports of violations to the LTA.

On average, the LTA issued 1,300 summonses at Beach Road and 1,400 summonses at Marine Parade Central each month last year.

Before cameras were set up along the roads, the number of summonses were at least three times lower - 400 were issued at Beach Road, and 200 at Marine Parade Central in 2011.

The LTA said it selected the 30 public roads for CCTV camera installation based on three considerations, including whether the area had a high incidence of illegal parking daily, and if this was throughout the day.

The other considerations were whether the illegal parking impeded the smooth flow of public buses, and if there were safety concerns for pedestrians and road users, and if these led to chronic traffic congestion.

Roads that will be monitored by the 24-hour electronic eyes include Serangoon Central, Commonwealth Avenue West and Tampines Central 1, all of which are near MRT stations.

Prominent signs advising motorists not to park illegally will be put up in the monitoring zones. The LTA advised motorists to look out for parking restriction lines and observe parking regulations.

It will continue to monitor the effectiveness of the CCTV cameras after implementation and review the need to expand the programme to other areas if necessary.

* CCTV installations to deter illegal parking delayed
By Ng Lian Cheong, Channel NewsAsia, 17 Oct 2013

Plans to install closed circuit televisions (CCTV) at locations across Singapore to deter illegal parking have been delayed.

The cameras were initially targeted to be implemented by the second quarter of this year.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has called for new tenders as the participating companies were not able to comply with parts of the tender specifications. 

LTA did not provide further details.

LTA expects to implement the CCTVs progressively at 30 locations from the first quarter of next year.

It should be completed by end-2014.

So far, a pilot project at Marine Parade Central and Beach Road has produced results.

Since cameras were installed in those areas in 2011, the number of parking violations recorded jumped by three to six times, to about 1,200 each month.

This is compared to 400 for Beach Road and 200 for Marine Parade Central before the cameras were installed.

Tan Boon Huat, managing director of Grassland Express, said: "Previously, cars used to park indiscriminately, resulting in one lane less for vehicles, so there will be traffic congestion during peak hours.

"Before, it was just too congested… Now it's… better… not only for taxis but (for) all the cars. So the lanes are not jeopardised by vehicles which are not moving." 

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