Sunday, 31 March 2013

$77 million in Service & Conservancy Charges rebates for 800,000 HDB households as part of Budget 2013

By Priscilla Goy, The Straits Times, 29 Mar 2013

ABOUT 800,000 Singaporean Housing Board households can expect to receive $77 million in rebates for service and conservancy (S&C) charges this year.

Announced in last month's Budget speech, they will help households cope with rises in living costs.

Depending on the flat type, each eligible household will get one to three months of rebates. They will be notified by mail next month about the details.

Those in one- or two-room flats will get three months' worth of rebates, while those in three- or four-room flats will get two months' worth. Those in five-room flats will get 11/2 months, and those in executive flats, one month.

The rebates, which will directly offset a household's S&C charges, will be disbursed next month and in July and October.

For households that pay their charges by Giro or other electronic payment modes, town councils will arrange with banks to include the rebates.

Residents can contact their respective town councils or call 1800-866-3078 to check their households' eligibility to receive the rebates.

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