Thursday, 29 June 2017

2017 GST vouchers and Medisave top-ups for 1.57 million Singaporeans

$1.2 billion in GST vouchers, Medisave top-ups
By Lee Min Kok, The Straits Times, 28 Jun 2017

Around 1.57 million eligible Singaporeans will be notified of their GST vouchers (GSTV) and Medisave top-ups for the year, the Ministry of Finance said yesterday.

This year's vouchers and top-ups will cost the Government $1.2 billion. About 1.37 million Singaporeans will get up to $500 in GSTV - which comprises up to $300 in August and a one-off special payment in November.

They are encouraged to update their payment mode to direct bank crediting at, as cheque payments take two weeks longer to process.

As for Medisave top-ups, some 450,000 Singaporeans aged 65 years and above are eligible to receive them. Each will get up to $450 in August. Pioneers will also receive their Pioneer Generation (PG) top-ups of $200 to $800 next month. In addition, Singaporeans born on or before Dec 31, 1959, and do not receive PG benefits will receive a Medisave top-up of up to $200 this year and next year.

The top-up this year is expected to benefit 520,000 Singaporeans and will be credited in August.

Households are also set to receive a permanent increase of between $40 and $120 to the annual U-Save rebate - given every three months to help offset utility bills directly - from next month. Following the increase, the rebate will cost about $265 million and benefit about 880,000 HDB households.

There is also an extension to the one-off service and conservancy charges (S&CC) rebate. It will be raised by half a month across all flats. This means around 880,000 eligible HDB households will get 1.5 to 3.5 months of S&CC rebate this year, depending on flat type.

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