Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Bukit Batok By-Election 2016 Highlights

"Where is Murali!!?? I keep seeing Lee, Tharman, Chan, Halimah and 78 others, it's as if I'm running against a whole Government!"

PAP wins first by-election since the introduction of the World Wide Web.

“In 2015, the Government created only 100 jobs. That means, one job per constituency. Voters of Bukit Batok, only one job was created per constituency."

Unemployment Insurance: 'I'll travel the world for 6 months and maybe after, you can teach me how to live without a job?'

Need a Character Reference: Never, ever ask Lee Wei Ling.

"I will never kick somebody who's down, I always get my guys to do it!"

"Character doesn’t matter lah, I may have bad character but that doesn't mean I'm bad"

'How lidat, do politics kena fucked, don't do also kena fucked, we open mouth already people say gutter politics!'


"The second volume of Chiam See Tong's biography will be out soon, please grab one to get a balanced perspective of the whole SDP saga."



Immigration: 'Foreign workers are the problem not foreign talents, the Home Affairs Minister should screen every single one of them before they reach our sandy shores'


Up close and personal.

'It's not an election survey what, we always ask people what they think, who the hell would have expected a by-election in the first week of May!'

Stay unemployed, because you never know when there'll be elections!

Chee Soon Juan gets free press coverage via Amos Yee.

Friendly Fire: 'Swallow Your Pride, Race Would Have Won It!'

The next PAP MP, male or female that screws up, grow some balls, do the honorable thing, commit hara-kiri.

Bye, Chee, Bye!

GE 2020

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