Saturday 12 March 2016

SkillsFuture and Jobs - Let's Think About It

Let's Think About It – SkillsFuture and Jobs
9 Mar 2016

With slowing workforce growth, what will Singapore’s employment landscape look like in the future? How can SkillsFuture help Singaporeans and local businesses adapt to the changes and remain competitive?

Catch “Let’s Think About It” - Kwee Wei Lin, Harish Manwani, Mohamed Abdul Akbar, Patrick Tay and Kurt Wee, will share their views and stories with Minister Lim Swee Say on SkillsFuture and its impact on jobs.

Let’s Think About It Highlights – SkillsFuture and Jobs
What will the new employment landscape be like? How will it impact local workers and businesses? How can SkillsFuture help us stay competitive?If you have missed the third episode of “Let’s Think About It", here are some highlights from the show! Watch Minister Lim Swee Say in conversation with industry professionals on SkillsFuture and Jobs.To watch the full episode, click here:
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How do we make good career choices? Can we really pursue our passion? How will SkillsFuture help us in charting our...
Posted by on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What is SkillsFuture? How will it benefit Singapore and Singaporeans? What impact will it have on our education and...
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SkillsFuture and Education - Let's Think About It

SkillsFuture as a National Movement - Let’s Think About It


  1. It's good to have such show so that we know the direction the govt is taking

  2. hope to have more of such show in future