Thursday 14 January 2016

Have a question? Ask ST

Tap the paper's pool of seasoned writers for information on health, finance, cars and more
By Chew Hui Min, The Straits Times, 13 Jan 2016

Have a question, and tried Googling it, but still can't tell fact from fiction? From today, you can try asking ST.

The Straits Times is launching askST, a new reader engagement programme where readers will be able to tap ST's experienced pool of correspondents and their contacts for information on topics ranging from personal finance and education to entertainment and health matters.

Wondering when is the best time to buy a new car? Ask ST senior transport correspondent Christopher Tan, who has been covering developments in motoring and public transport for more than a decade.

Still unclear about how MediShield Life affects you and your family? ST's senior health correspondent Salma Khalik may have answers for you.

Worried about which school to choose for your child now that the O-level results have been announced? Ask our veteran education correspondent Sandra Davie.

Want to know which tablet will best suit your needs? ST's digital correspondents have road-tested the latest models and can present the pros and cons of various models in different price ranges.

ST's food, travel and entertainment correspondents will also share their views on the best places to check out.

Said Straits Times editor Warren Fernandez: "We live in a fast-moving and complex world, and naturally we all have many questions we would like answers to. Time and again, ST readers turn to our experienced correspondents for help.

"We decided to formalise this and make it easier for readers to engage with our writers and tap their knowledge and expertise that comes with covering their beats."

Readers will be able to get answers to their burning questions in a variety of ways: through explainers on the ST website, by e-mailing their questions, via regular webchats, and during events and forums the newspaper organises.

A new website will be launched later this month which will serve as a repository of answers to readers' questions, as well as an easy way for them to get in touch with the newsroom's pool of seasoned writers.

Each week, selected questions will be answered and featured on the website.

You can e-mail your questions from today to and they may be chosen to be featured with the launch of the site on Jan 31.

The site will also feature regular columns from ST, including Why It Matters - a snappy analysis of an issue of the day; The ST Guide To... - beginners' guides written by ST experts; and explainers - articles that help readers make sense of current affairs and issues.

It is a quick one-stop shop readers can use.

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