Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Our Social Cohesion: Let’s Think About It

Let's Think About It – Our Social Cohesion
12 May 2015

Why does Neil Humphreys feel like an orangutan on the MRT? What’s the $1000 shirt problem that Mark Lee encountered?

Watch “Let’s Think About It” where Neil Humphreys, Mark Lee, Paulin Straughan, Aleksander Duric and Sharon Ismail will share views and stories with Minister Lawrence Wong on social integration concerns in Singapore.

Can Singaporeans be choosy over jobs? Is having a domestic helper a luxury?

Watch “Let’s Think About It” where Michelle Saram, Nachiappan R K Sinniah, Liak Teng Lit, Janice Wong and Loh Lik Peng will share views and stories with Minister Tan Chuan-Jin on manpower.

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26 May 2015

“We are as good as any. Our main problem is there aren’t enough of us.”

In this final episode of “Let’s Think About It”, Vernetta Lopez, Diana Ser, Edmund Koh, Grace Sai and Ong Keng Yong share views and stories with Minister K Shanmugam on Singapore’s future as a global city.

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  1. Real and serious issues facing the country being
    discussed in a light-hearted (sometimes candid) manner with ministers weighing
    in on them as well over three adroitly produced episodes.