Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New employment programme to help seniors find jobs

By Vimita Mohandas, Channel NewsAsia, 26 Nov 2012

North West CDC has launched a new employment programme called the Silver Care Employment @ North West to help seniors reintegrate back into the workforce.

Currently, about 35 per cent of residents in the North West District looking for jobs are seniors and about half of them have expressed interest to work part-time.

Mayor of the North West District, Dr Teo Ho Pin, said: "We identify suitable employers who are willing to redesign their jobs for seniors and who are able to provide flexible and part time jobs, and different work processes where they have identified vacancies suitable for seniors.

"(What they do is) they work with the CDCs and the job seekers to allow jobseekers to get some experience as to what is the actual work environment like and from there, we go through the job matching and employment."

Some 700 positions will be made available at the first run of the Silver Care Job Fair on Wednesday.

It will include jobs in the food and beverage, security and service industries.

North West CDC will hold such job fairs in every quarter of each year.

It aims to find jobs for 70 per cent of senior job seekers every year.

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