Sunday 19 August 2012

More free on-line lectures for A-level students soon

North-East CDC and junior colleges partner on-line platform to increase content
by Wong Wei Han, TODAY, 18 Aug 2012

Students preparing for the GCE A-level Examination will be able to benefit from at least 600 clips of free online lectures by the end of this year.

The North-East Community Development Council (NE CDC) and three junior colleges - Meridian, Tampines and Serangoon - have partnered online platform Open Lectures to widen the scope of content on the site,

It is run by a team of 80 to 100 student volunteers and currently hosts around 300 free lectures on economics, chemistry, mathematics and biology, totalling up to 40 hours of content.

In the coming months, at least another 300 clips will be made available and the range of subjects will be expanded to include literature, physics and geography.

The content is planned, produced and managed by the student volunteers as they seek to create lectures that are more accessible and engaging for those preparing for the A-levels.

Through this partnership, Open Lectures will work closely with the three JCs to involve more students in the planning, management and production of lectures.

Users can provide feedback through email, Facebook or Twitter to improve the content. 

At the launch of the NE CDC-Open Lectures Youth Interest Group at Tampines JC yesterday, North-East District Mayor Teo Ser Luck pledged to help scale up the project.

He said: "I am glad that our young people are voluntarily contributing to society through a positive use of the social media platform. We hope to see (it) supported by more JCs and that other CDCs will adopt a similar initiative."

The NE CDC has also provided S$30,000 in funding to support Open Lectures.

Project CEO Kenneth Lim referred to the website as a venue for students to express their passion. "People join our team because they enjoy teaching, photography, video editing or web design. Giving back becomes easier and more meaningful if you love what you do," he said.

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