Tuesday 10 January 2012

Labour chief calls for efforts to help needy

By Karen Ng, Channel NewsAsia, 8 Jan 2012

Labour chief Lim Swee Say said the community needs to step up efforts to help the needy, in what he calls an "all-care way".

He also assured residents of East Coast GRC that they'll find a helping hand in times of need, amid concerns of an economic downturn.

Mr Lim said: "We make an attempt to raise funds to support the low-income families. In 2012, if the situation turns out to be less favourable for the low-income households and so on, we can step up our efforts to do fundraising.

"To do, not just fundraising, but also to extend a helping hand to families affected. And the way we do it, we would like to do it the all-care way.

"In the year 2012, when we reach out to those families in need, we like to involve all ages, the young and old, we like to involve all racial groups. More importantly, we like to involve all residents across the estate.

The GRC's efforts appear to be paying off, as more residents are getting to know one another through its organised activities.

Jessica Tan, member of parliament, East Coast GRC, said: "We are starting to see this, where the community actually gives us insights of who in the community needs help.

"We are seeing residents themselves reaching out and looking at their neighbours, and bringing that forward. So it makes the programmes more effective and more sustainable."

She said small businesses in the community will also be part of the effort.

There are plans to rope in agencies, such as SPRING Singapore and industrial associations, as partners to help them cope, especially during a downturn.

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