Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Best News Bite of GE2011

Newspaper report from Bedok Stadium on Polling Night:

Ms Koh, a 30-year-old prefers to stay anonymous because she is selling food without a licence. The thin woman, clad in a T-shirt and shorts, is handling the sticky mua chee (rice dough dipped in crushed fried peanuts) with bare hands. Her customers, most wearing all white and sporting PAP badges, do not seem to mind. She has been fined many times by the authorities who want her to use gloves, among other things. "How can I use gloves to handle this? It's so sticky. How come they don't ask the prata man to use gloves?" she argues.

She is the classic resentful, personal-grudge voter, impervious to the big picture, the long view. She is, in other words, the kind of person who haunts the PAP in their nightmares!!

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