Wednesday, 3 February 2016

MediShield Life's impact three months after its launch

In the month of December 2015, a total of S$37.2 million was approved to meet 27,700 MediShield Life claims - an increase of 14 per cent over the average monthly claim amount approved under MediShield in 2014.
By Nadia Jansen Hassan, Channel NewsAsia, 2 Feb 2016

MediShield Life, the universal health insurance scheme which also covers pre-existing illnesses, kicked in three months ago.

In the month of December 2015, a total of S$37.2 million was approved to meet 27,700 MediShield Life claims. This was about a 14 per cent increase over the average monthly claim amount of S$32.5 million approved under MediShield in 2014.

"The increase is due to the enhanced coverage under MediShield Life, which has better benefits than MediShield, and which is extended universally to all Singaporeans. The overall impact of MediShield Life vis-a-vis MediShield will be clearer after a full year of data," according to a spokesperson from the Health Ministry.

Mdm See, who requires dialysis due to kidney complications from Lupus, has been tapping on MediShield Life to cover her medical bills. We're taking stock of the scheme for universal healthcare coverage on Singapore Tonight at 10pm.
Posted by Channel NewsAsia Singapore on Monday, February 1, 2016


Madam See May Ping, 46, was diagnosed with lupus a decade ago. She developed kidney complications in 2014 as a result and has been undergoing dialysis at home.

Under MediShield Life, she pays S$50 for treatments every month after subsidies from National Kidney Foundation, compared to the S$1,000 when she had not been covered by a health insurance scheme.

“My husband is the only one who works and we have three kids. It's quite stressful for him. Now that I'm covered, it's easier for us,” said Madam See.

The National Kidney Foundation said it has been able to help patients like Madam See more, because MediShield Life offers higher claim limits. It has been expanding its social welfare programmes, for example, and increasing house visits to patients.

Clients of the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) are among those who have been making claims under the new insurance scheme.

“For some who pay for drugs that cost between S$2,000 and S$3,000, they can be fully covered by MediShield Life and therefore there isn't a need for us to apply for cancer treatment funding from SCS,” said Ms Jayne Leong, manager of Psychosocial Services at Singapore Cancer Society.

The society projected that its 2016 budget for cancer treatment subsidies would be halved, as a result of the scheme's increased coverage. It will be reviewing which key areas these savings could be channelled to in the next few months.

The Government is also working on a standard Integrated Shield Plan with private insurers. It will cover hospital stays in B-1 class wards and will be launched in the first half of 2016.

No one will lose their MediShield Life coverage just because they are unable to pay for their premiums. Here’s how subsidies will make MediShield Life affordable for all.
Posted by CPF Board on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

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