Sunday, 6 September 2015

Our Education Issues - Let’s Think About It

Let’s Think About It - Our Education Issues
2 Sep 2015

“If a child is doing well, giving extra lessons may be counter-productive.” Find out why supplementary classes may not always bring out the best in every child.

“In my days, our PSLE results slip only says pass or fail.” Do you think Singapore should return to that system?

Watch “Let’s Think About It” Wong Li-Lin, Narelle Kheng, Rita Zahara, Dr. Nazir, Dr. Chandroo and Chan Wing Leong will share views and stories with Minister Heng Swee Keat on Singapore’s education issues.


  1. Very important point mention in the show, education helps to build foundation for good career and to develop competency. It’s very true and this is why education is so important in Singapore. So glad to see it being discussed like finally.

  2. Education goes beyond the academic factor, it should involves building character and installing value in the student so that they can lead a meaningful and positive life. I think our education has sort of succeed in this, by teaching our kids moral values and letting them knowing the importance of lending a helping hand to needy people. Marvellous!

  3. All parent’s thinking would be to want their children to be the best. But as what Minister Heng Swee Keat has mention, we need to recognise the fact that our child is different in terms of interest and ability so that we don’t push them to hard or pushing them on the wrong track which in the end maybe counter-productive. Very realistic point!

  4. Many parents wants be send their children to famous and reputable school. I think we should stop having this mentality. As what Minister has said, Good school are not only measured by academic, but the value-added to build up and the instilling of the good character in an individual. It’s good to hear Minister pointing out this point and I think all parents should take note of this.

  5. Comparing with others might be the way parents use to motivate children and in their opinion, they think that this could be the best way to push children further so that they can score better. However, use this method appropriately is very important else it will just back-fire and sometimes it will just cause the relationship of you and your child to be drifted away. It's a good point mention in the show and hope all parents would take note.