Wednesday, 8 June 2011

President Nathan in Top Form

President S R Nathan says he has not decided if he will run for a third term in office, adding that age is a factor.

President Nathan, 87, was speaking to Singapore media at the end of his state visit to Mauritius on Tuesday.

Potential candidates have stepped up to the plate in the contest for the presidency.

But the President himself is in no hurry.

Mr Nathan said: "When I decide, I will tell you."

But age will be one factor for Mr Nathan, who will be 87 years old on July 3.

He said: "People say ’this old man, what the hell is he still there, wanting to do it?’ Some others think I’m doing nothing, so it’s a waste of time for them to think of me.

"But all this noise will always be there in the world. You have a sense of what you want to do and you just do it because if you listen to the world, your work will never be done."

I say what the hell are you waiting for, just run Sir!!

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