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Singapore Airshow 2016: RSAF aerial display

RSAF flying team set to thrill at Singapore Airshow
By Danson Cheong, The Straits Times, 12 Feb 2016

Ace pilots from around the world are set to wow the crowd at the Singapore Airshow next week with their aerobatic hijinks.

Seven flying display teams - including one from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), and South Korea's Black Eagles - will perform aerial stunts just off the waters of Changi Exhibition Centre.

RSAF at the Singapore Airshow
<<RSAF at the Singapore Airshow>>Here’s a sneak preview of The Republic of Singapore Air Force's aerial performance at the Singapore Airshow 2016. The 12-minute performance, for the first time, pairs an F-15SG with an Apache helicopter in executing interesting moves together.Besides this, the RSAF's static display will showcase assets such as the F-15SG, CH-47 Chinook helicopter, Heron 1 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Gulfstream 550 Airborne Early Warning aircraft and the Surface-to-Air PYthon-5 and DERby Ground-Based Air Defence system.- Ng Eng HenThe Republic of Singapore Air ForceOfficial Singapore Airshow#SGAirshow[Note: The Singapore Airshow 2016, held at the Changi Exhibition Centre, will be open to the public on 20 and 21 Feb from 9.30am to 5pm.]
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The biennial Singapore Airshow will be held there from Feb 16 to 21, with the final two days open to the public. On those days, the 40-minute aerobatic show will begin at 10.30am on Feb 20 and 2.20pm on Feb 21.

An RSAF AH-64D Apache attack helicopter and F-15SG fighter jet will perform 11 manoeuvres during their 12-minute display. They will be debuting a never-before-seen move called the Vertical Punch, which will involve the Apache helicopter flying a loop as the F-15SG passes it and punches upward in a vertical climb.

This is the first time the two kinds of aircraft will be paired for the Singapore show, said RSAF Flying Display Committee chairman Linus Tan. In the Singapore Airshow in 2010, an Apache helicopter performed with an F-16.

"Compared to the F-16, the F-15 has twin engines and is a much larger platform, so the jet wake that the fighter creates is much larger, especially so when you use the afterburners," said Colonel Tan.

The jet wake, or vortex of turbulent air, can cause the Apache helicopter to lose altitude if the jet passes too close. "Since the helicopter is flying so close to the ground, every height loss is critical to flight safety," he said, adding that the Apache will perform about 60m to 90m above the ground.

WATCH: The Republic of Singapore Air Force performs for the first time, an aerial display using a F15SG fighter plane and an Apache helicopter. The integrated performance will wow crowds at the Official Singapore Airshow on the 20th and 21st of February. Watch as our very own pilots explain what's in store.
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Apache pilot Spencer Ler, 37, said coordination was key as both war machines travel at different speeds - the F-15SG zooms by at 740kmh, while the Apache travels at 220kmh. "To bring both platforms to the show centre at a precise time and point in space requires a lot of backend coordination," said Major Ler.

Major Ler and the F-15SG pilot, Major Max Ng, 35, are in constant radio communication as they check their positions with each other.

The RSAF team has been training two to three times a week since it was formed two months ago.

They will join the Black Eagles from South Korea next week. The Black Eagles - the only full aerobatics team at the airshow - arrived in Singapore on Wednesday.

According to The Korea Times, the Eagles will be flying nine T-50B jets and three C-130 transport aircraft. This is the second time the team will be performing here.

They have added three new manoeuvres to the 20-minute show they performed in 2014.

Here are the highly anticipated aerial display manoeuvres for Singapore Airshow 2016! This year, The Republic of...
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AIRSHOW PREVIEW: Spectators to this year’s Singapore Airshow will get a chance to see a manoeuvre between a fighter aircraft and a helicopter that has never been performed before. Details: Raj Nadarajan, Koh Mui Fong/TODAY)
Posted by TODAY on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Here's 30 seconds of what our team of aircrew and ground crew are hyped up with for RSAF's Aerial Display at the upcoming Official Singapore Airshow!Like It, Share It!
Posted by The Republic of Singapore Air Force on Sunday, February 7, 2016

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An RSAF Static Display Chorepgraphy
In a tight choreography, 11 of our aircraft and weapon systems were marshalled into place for display at the Singapore Airshow 2016! Come get up close and personal with them at the Static Aircraft Display Area!Took a selfie with our aircraft and loving it? Share your photos with us here on The Republic of Singapore Air Force Facebook or by tagging #TheRSAF on Instagram! ;)Official Singapore Airshow
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Here's a great fan video by Carl Sagan Barcelona of some great highlights of Singapore Airshow 2016! #SGAirshow
Posted by Official Singapore Airshow on Sunday, February 28, 2016

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